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Our Tax Advisory Services

As Value Added Taxes (VAT) is planned to be applied in the GCC countries starting from 2018, its implementation within your business could have a wide-ranging effect. VAT is not simply a tax issue - it is a business issue. It affects some of your business functions and can impact financials, including cash flow. The challenge is to identify and address all business issues during the VAT implementation process and minimize, to the extent possible, any disruption to your business.

It is critical to be compliant with the VAT Law and Regulations. A structured and strategic approach ensures an efficient implementation, which takes into account specific business issues while ensuring ongoing compliance with VAT legislation.

All businesses and service providers that are required to register for VAT should urgently begin to put the necessary internal systems and procedures in place to ccount for VAT. Businesses who have an integral role to play should intensify their pre-implementation procedures, and begin to put the necessary systems in place to position their businesses to be VAT-ready.

Therefore, Everant is bringing a global mindset to help clients achieve tax-effective outcomes and long-term value, we offer a wide variety of tax advisory services to help our clients plan and prepare in today’s rapidly changing tax environment, such services include:

  • Comprehensive tax planning, compliance and advisory services.
  • Conducting VAT awareness sessions for corporate and individual businesses.
  • VAT pre-implementation procedures assistance.
  • GCC countries nexus studies and VAT taxation consulting services.
  • Corporate entity selection and business structure consulting.
  • Tax research and technical advisory services.
  • Preparing VAT documentation and repots as required by the governmental agencies.

Key Benefits

Our VAT advisory ensures that our clients take proper actions now to prepare business functions, systems and infrastructure for applying the imminent VAT regulations while mitigating potential negative effects and risks.

Our tax advisory services were designed to protect your business wealth by having the proper tax savings strategies and plans in place.

We solve your global tax challenges with efficiency and precision, taking in mind your business best interest as our main and sole target.

Optimizing your business means you need strong local knowledge and expertise in jurisdictions across the globe for seamless tax solutions, which we are ready to share with our clients.

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