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24. The cold air returns when the cold front arrives. This is often a line of cumulonimbus formed where the cool air lifts the warm damp air. Although not all cold fronts are accompanied by the kind of refreshing clearance of storm clouds shown here, they are the most interesting and produce very rapid, beautiful, and dramatic changes in the sky. In this example mamma can be seen in the anvil of the nearest cumulonimbus. The cold air is moving from the right. 32 25. The clearance at a cold front is often quite sharp but not accompanied by a belt of rain.

Above is a layer of stratocumulus probably formed by thermals spreading out at that level. Wet Grass 44. Wet spiders' webs are found when they have been inside a cloud. The tiny fibres catch the cloud droplets whereas larger objects deflect the airflow with the droplets in it and do not capture them. The droplets then amalgamate on the threads into larger drops. This is not dew deposited, though a web might act as a centre for the condensation of dew if it were in the air cooled within an inch or two of the ground.

The coast lies almost across the middle of the picture, and the air descends to the sea over some fairly high cliffs : this sets it into oscillations so that it executes a series of waves as it moves over the flat sea. Eight or nine lee wave clouds, which are in the crests of these waves, and parallel to the coast, can be seen in the distant part of this picture, particularly on the left. 32. Billows look rather like waves, but if watched carefully are seen to be moving along at about the same speed as the wind.

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