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Recagno led 16 P-51s of the 381 st on an AAP in the Cherbourg area from 1855 to 2015. (#255) 12 planes of the 382nd flew an AAP in the Cherbourg (#269) Lt. Brink led 16 planes of the 382nd on an AAP in the area from 1540 to 1715. Cherbourg area from 2030 to 2230. One pilot aborred and the other Mustangs were repeatedly bounced by 404th Fighter (#256) Capt. Tilson led II P-51 s of the 380th on an AAP in the Group P-47's. Foltunately, no damage was done before the Cherbourg area from 1730 to 1845.

Bullard Me-109 dest(air) Cherbollrg area from 1930 to 2200. Lt. T. Pawlak Me-I09 dest(air) Me-I09 dest(air) (2)Me- I09 dam(air) 34 The J63rd Fighler Group in World War II Lt. E. Williams Me-109 dam(air) Me-I09 dest(air) (#214) Maj. Culberson led 8 P-51 s of the 381 st on an AAP in the Cherbourg area from 1550 to 1700. (#206) Capt. Lasko led 12 P-51 s of the 381 st on a sweep of the July 22 Lt. Charles R. Reddig (380th) who had been lost on July 4, Chartres-Rouen area from I 100 lO 1300. returned to visit the Group after evading capture.

Reinhart led II P-51 s of the 381 st on a planned A20 escort from 1045 to 1240. 0 RIY was made due to weather (#278) Ll. Brink led 8 P-51 s of the 382nd on an AAP in the Avranches area from 1750 to 1945. conditions and the pilots then pmrolled the Oissel area. (#279) Capl. Fletcher led 8 planes of Ihe 380th on an AAP in the Avranches-Sl. Valery area from 1906 to 2044. (#293) 12 pilots of the 382nd new a planned B-26 escort from 1205 to 1300. The mission was scrubbed before RIY and ten of the P-51 s landed in England.

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