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I set up camp in the drizzle, while Terry went on a reconnaissance up the track. After four hours he came back very excited. While the slope was almost vertical, so we’d have to walk rather than the ride, it seemed it did offer us a way out the gorge. As we sipped a cup of tea and reminisced about the events of the day, our conversation was interrupted by a herd of eleven Brumbies quietly materialising among the eucalypts. They were a mix of colours — browns, bays, a grey and some buckskins. To our surprise, a majestic cremello stallion trotted out from the cover of the trees and pranced around the outside of the small paddock, neck arched, knees lifted high.

That was in the 1960s, but sadly I see and feel the same pain in horses today. Horse rescue is a bottomless pit and I wanted to educate people into seeing and treating their horses differently, with more respect and gentleness. And then I was introduced to the Brumby. Wearing my hat as a filmmaker, I was invited to film the humane capture and natural training of Brumbies. ’ Unfortunately, that is where most Brumbies go after being culled. Finn was so frightened by the thought of his future that he refused all the normal, natural ‘join-up’ methods.

He has a fragility that can be quickly shattered if I miss the smallest try he offers, but he is very affectionate to those he has learnt to trust. Having Spinny and Levi has been a very deep and personal journey. I am both teacher and student. It has been rewarding yet heartbreaking, grounding yet uplifting. And yes, I would do it all again to ensure that Australia’s Brumbies are treated with the respect and kindness they deserve. 45 Above: Anne spots a Brumby on the trail. 46 Brumby encounters Anne Wilson We rode in silence, following a cow pad along the edge of the Guy Fawkes River as we listened to the bellbirds whose ringing calls echoed through the stillness.

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