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By Schaeffer A., Fuchs A.

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Is a phenomenological state variable, which can not be measured or defined in physical terms (such as eddy intensity). It is interpreted as a ”hidden” state of the system. The differential equations are an appropriate model for light stall with trailing edge separation. The system parameters are identified from measurements (see Figure 51). 4 identified from [7] ( ). Firgure 52 shows measured values for Cl , Cd and Cm and the equivalent model functions identified. 2 Figure 52: Comparison of measure- moment ments and fitted model.

6 Conclusion A mathematical model for a wind turbine blade with very few degrees of freedom is presented, where the models stiffness matrix is derived from ANSYS solutions. The model shall be used in engineering models to allow for systematic stability investigations (flutter). Risø–R–1352(EN) 37 38 Risø–R–1352(EN) 6 A Word on Damping Problem Statement For simplicity, structural damping (here for the one-dimensional case) is mostly modelled by σ = E0 ε + β ε˙ (”Rayleigh-damping”) with damping coefficient β.

Then the stiffness matrix will be derived and the coordinates for extension, tilt and warping of the cross sections will be eliminated from the system of differential equations. From the virtual work of d’Alembert forces, the mass matrix and gyroscopic terms due to rotation with Ω will be derived. Then differential equations for circulation and detachment of the flow will be chosen and discretized with Finite Elements. The linear stability analysis finds stationary solutions of the system of differential equations and decides upon their stability.

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1400 mathematische Abiturientenaufgaben by Schaeffer A., Fuchs A.

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