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Our Audit Liaison Function

Everant has arrangements with many local and international audit firms in Bahrain and the Gulf region, through which we can arrange for your audit assignments to enable you to meet your statutory requirements in time and at the lowest possible cost.

The audit liaison's role and responsibilities include the following:

  • Assist the client in the process of engaging the appropriate audit firm and deciding the relevant assignment scope.
  • Provide support and assistance during a financial audit or review.
  • Along with the client’s management, attend various audit meetings including entrance, status, and exit meetings.
  • Facilitate and communicate requests for information between the financial auditors and the client; serve as points-of-contact regarding the overall audit process.
  • Review externally prepared drafts of audit reports for accuracy and completeness; work with auditors to recommend corrections as needed.
  • Assist the client’s management with the review of and response to audit findings and recommendations.
  • Assist the client’s management in developing strategies for effective and efficient implementation of audit recommendations.
  • Provide audit status updates to the client as needed.
  • Assist the client’s management with the implementation of internal control and process improvements as requested.
  • Facilitate annual financial report compliance requirements as defined by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and other regulatory agencies.

Key Benefits

Our expert personnel will arrange the overall audit process for you starting from finding the best and most appropriate audit firm for your audit, until the issuance of your audited financial statements. All happening while you are in your office focusing on the matters that are really matter.

You will not be billed separately for our audit liaison services, as it is all covered by the audit fees. So you are getting extra services for paying nothing in exchange.

As we do not expect you to be a legal expert, all of our employees are fully aware and knowledgeable of all laws, rules and regulations applicable to your business.

We work hard to maintain high standards of professional practice, including a strong system of quality control emphasizing independence and objectivity and include many control features that exceed our profession’s requirements.

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