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About Everant

A personalized service that evolves around the client’s specific requirements and best interest is what makes us special Bader Al Mahmood

A consultancy firm like no other, combining local expertise with global knowledge, providing its clients with the most efficient and effective solutions to achieve success.

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100% Successful
100% Successful
Worth of Assets
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Introdution to the GCC Value-Added Tax (VAT) framework.

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Outsource your business’s bookkeeping operations to save money on paying full-time or part-time salary.

Audit Liaison

Our expert personnel will arrange the overall audit process for you without paying any extra charges.

Tax Advisory

We help you to take proper actions now preparing for the imminent VAT regulations.

Consultancy & Advisory

Have a designated team suited to their needs, to assist and oversee your solutions, in a better, smarter and cheaper way.

Initial five-year strategic plan to enter regional markets from countries.

Our Experts Team

Bader Al Mahmood
Managing Director

Mr. Bader Al Mahmood is a CPA with over 10 years of Middle East and GCC experience in accounting and auditing engaging in wide range of industries including Islamic Banking, Real Estate, Telecommunication, Retails and Investment. He is responsible for the overall management of Everant operations and functions.

Email: bader@everantbh.com
Fatema Abdulla
Head of Accounting Services
Mrs. Abdulla has over 5 years of experience in accounting and auditing. She is responsible supervising our accounting engagements and providing technical and administrative support to our teams.
Email: fatema@everantbh.com
Aswin C
Senior Accountant

Mr. Aswin has over 5 years of experience in bookkeeping and accounting mainly working in trading and manufacturing sectors in India and Bahrain. He is responsible for handling the daily activities in our accounting and consultancy engagements, and preparing the draft financial reports of our clients.

Email: aswin@everantbh.com
Athul N
Mr. Athul has over 3 years of experience in accounting for retail and small businesses in India. He is responsible for performing the daily ledger entries for our clients, maintaining their payables and receivables and managing the daily books.
Email: athul@everantbh.com